Health, Safety, Security & Environment

To involve all employees worldwide, our Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) Policy was translated into all relevant languages, countersigned by the local profit-center managers, and is prominently displayed in all terminals.

In joint ventures, we use our influence to ensure that we meet international HSSE standards. We also require contractors to adhere fully to our HSSE principles. To eliminate accidents and work-related ill health and to protect the environment, Oiltanking has implemented an HSSE management system. Rather than joining a standardized certification system, we have developed a tailor–made, integrated HSSE structure.

The corporate HSSE Department in Hamburg develops guidelines and minimum requirements. Together with the profit centers, we formulate targets for the continuous improvement of our safety and environmental standards. We support our terminals as they work to meet these targets and act as an interface for communication and the exchange of views.

Every Oiltanking profit center has its own HSSE coordinator, who independently implements internal and external HSSE-related requirements. The foundation for a safe and environmentally friendly operation is the training and education of our employees. In regular meetings and discussions, we encourage and promote HSSE awareness among our people.

Video message from Daan Vos, Managing Director Oiltanking West, and Koen Verniers, Managing Director Oiltanking East, on HSSE