Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp NV

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Scheldelaan 450
2040 Antwerp

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Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp offers the logistic support needed to capture fast moving opportunities, whether you are importing, exporting, distributing or holding your products for a favourable market. The terminal is located amid one of the world’s most extensive refining and petrochemical complexes providing excellent access to national and international markets by water or land transport.

Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp offers sophisticated storage and handling infrastructure for oil products, chemicals and gases as well as 30 years of experience in handling chemicals. Customers are assured of the integrity of their products through dedicated storage systems and highly skilled personnel.

Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp provides exceptional storage service and tailor made logistic solutions to the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Oiltanking Stolthaven Antwerp NV is a 50/50 joint venture company between Oiltanking GmbH and Stolthaven Terminals BV, a subsidiary of Stolt-Nielsen Limited. The JV was formed in 2006 but remained an independent terminal which follows a 'first come, first serve' policy. Both Oiltanking and Stolt-Nielsen are committed to further expand and develop the terminal into the 'specialty chemical hub' in the ARA region.


Products handled


  • 480.015 cbm capacity for chemical products in tanks ranging from 60 to 43.000 cbm
  • Mild steel and stainless steel tanks available, both cooled or heated
  • Aromatics, acrylates, amines and alcohols are but a few of the products stored and handled
  • Capability of delivering large quantities of nitrogen at the marine berths
  • Board-Board operations
  • Drum and IBC filling
  • Most tanks have dedicated product lines with connections to the jetties and truck/railcar loading racks


  • 43.100 cbm capacity for gases in spheres and bullets ranging from 500 to 3,500 cbm  
  • Specialized handling of chemical gases such as VCM, butadiene and propylene
  • Incineration system for residual gases
  • Heating system for unloading fully refrigerated cargos
  • Pipeline connection to the NMP propylene polymer grade line

Petroleum Products

  • 613.439 cbm capacity for clean petroleum products in tanks ranging from 12,000 cbm to 20,000 cbm
  • Products handled include gas condensate, naptha, gasoline, jet and gasoil pipeline connections to CEPS and PALL
  • New building by 2013: 6 tanks - total 185.000 cbm 


Storage Capacity

Total storage capacity 1.147.121 cbm (shell capacity)

43,000 cbm 11x
31,000 cbm  3x
24,500 cbm  7x
20,000 cbm 12x
12,000 cbm   5x
  7,500 cbm   4x
  5,000 cbm   3x
  3,000 cbm 10x
  2,500 cbm   5x
  2,000 cbm 19x
  1,500 cbm 30x
  1,250 cbm   4x
  1,000 cbm 24x
     750 cbm 21x
     500 cbm 10x
     250 cbm   4x
     100 cbm   6x
       60 cbm   3x


Jetty Capacity

Jetty 613 135 m 15 m 125,000 dwt 
Jetty 615 135 m 15 m 125,000 dwt
Jetty 617 135 m 15 m 125,000 dwt
Jetty 619  135 m 15 m 125,000 dwt 
Sea going Jetty 1 (combined jetty) 250 m 15 m 125,000 dwt
Sea going Jetty 1 (combined jetty) 250 m 15 m 125,000 dwt
Jetty 621 A  135 m   8 m      8,000 dwt 
Jetty 621 B    95 m   4.4 m      2,000 dwt 
Jetty 623  240 m 13.5 m    65,000 dwt 
Jetty 625 A  125 m  6.6 m      4,550 dwt 
Jetty 625 B  135 m   8 m      6,000 dwt 
Jetty 625 C  295 m 15 m  125,000 dwt 
Jetty 625 D  242 m 12.5 m    65,000 dwt 
Jetty 625 E  110 m   7 m      4,500 dwt 
Jetty 627 A  138 m    6.5 m   10,000 dwt 
Jetty 627 B  213 m 11.5 m    45,000 dwt 
Jetty 629 A 170 m 10.5 m   40,000 dwt
Jetty 629 B 170 m   4 m     4,200 dwt



Value-Adding Capabilities & Services General Benefits

  • Blending, mixing and homogenizing
  • EDI communication
  • I.P.E. delivery location
  • Sophisticated inventory and reporting systems
  • Twenty hectares of available land for further expansion
  • Laboratory testing facilities, surveyors and custom officers are easily available


  • Twelve berths for tankers and barges up to 15 meters draft
  • Automated loading systems for tank cars and tank trucks
  • Pipeline connections include the Central European Pipeline System (CEPS), Pipeline Antwerp Limburg Luik(PALL), Polymer Grade, Propylene Grid 
  • 22 pipeline connections to neighboring chemical complexes
  • Three separate railway connections
  • Customs, excise bonded storage and other forwarding services