Logística de Químicos del Sur S.A.C. - LQS
Terminal Matarani

Terminal Portuario de Matarani s/n

Islay - Arequipa

Phone:  +51-54-557 185
Fax:  +51-54-557 185

Marketing Contact
e-mail: moc.gniknatlio@urep.ecremmoc

Logística de Químicos del Sur S.A.C. (LQS) is a corporation made up of Oiltanking Andina and TRAMARSA. Oiltanking Andina Services in turn comprises Graña y Montero Petrolera S.A. and Oiltanking Peru S.A.C.

The terminal handles “NaHS” (sodium hydrosulfide), a chemical product used in mining to separate copper from another ore called molybdenum.

LQS is located in the port of Matarani, a strategic location which enables LQS and Oiltanking to offer a logistic alternative for the supply of chemical products in southern Peru with a mind to cornering the markets on the western flank of Bolivia and Brazil and those to the north of Chile.

Logística de Químicos del Sur S.A.C. contributes greatly to the development of the mining industry in southern Peru, which is the top producer of gold, zinc, lead and tin, and the second largest producer of copper, silver and molybdenum in Latin America.


Product handled

Sodium Hydrosulfide (NaHS)



Mining industry

  • Unloading of vessels up to 32 ft draft
  • Truck loading
  • Vapour Recovery System


Storage Capacity

Total storage capacity 9000 cbm.

1,500 cbm 6x         



  • Marine berth up to 32 ft. draft and 36,000 dwt
  • Truck rack