Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal n.v.

Haven 1183
Land van Waaslaan 3
9130 Kallo

Phone:  +32-3-570-92-50
Fax:  +32-3-570-92-79

Marketing Contact
e-mail: moc.lanimretsagprewtna@ofni

Situated on the left bank of the river Scheldt, it is one of the largest independent terminals in North West Europe for storage, throughput & distribution of LPG’s & petrochemical gases.
This location, amid one of the worlds most extensive refining & petrochemical complexes provides excellent access to national & international markets by water or by land transport.
Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal is interlinked withan extensive network of pipeline systems connecting customers to their feedstock supply. Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal offers the complete range of storage throughput & distribution capacity for C3 & C4 products.
As an independent terminal, Oiltanking Antwerp Gas Terminal services a huge network of LPG producers, traders, petrochemical companies and offers virtually unlimited pipeline interconnectivity.


Storage Capacity

 - total capacity 138,400 cbm of which:
     * 8 x 3,300 cbm pressurized spheres
     * 4 x 3,000 cbm pressurized bullets
     * 2 x 50,000 cbm fully refrigerated tanks

The location has ample room for expansion


Jetty Capacity

4 jetties and the ability to accomodate VLGC



  • Truck loading / unloading
  • Railcar loading / Railcar unloading
  • Barge loading / unloading
  • Vessel loading / unloading
  • Nitrogen blanketing
  • Vapor recovery or balancing
  • Heating
  • Ship-to-ship transfer