Oiltanking Copenhagen A/S

S-vej 4
2300 Copenhagen

Phone:  +45-32-959-595
Fax:  +45-32-958-228

Marketing Contact
e-mail: moc.gniknatlio@negahnepoc.ecremmoc

Oiltanking’s Copenhagen terminal, located on the island of Pr°vestenen, can deliver economic efficiencies whether your marketing opportunities are in the Baltics, the ARA, Scandinavia or anywhere in Europe.

Make Bulk:
With its proximity to the Baltics, Oiltanking Copenhagen can be used to make bulk from barges/volgonefts with Gasoil, straight-run fuel, or Slopoil from St. Petersburg via the Baltic Sea and then transshipped to anywhere in Europe.

Break Bulk:
Oiltanking Copenhagen can break bulk cargoes of Gasoil from Ventspils in Latvia and cargoes of Gasoil or straight-run fuel from Klaipeda in Lithuania for redistribution in smaller lots domestically in Denmark or throughout Scandinavia.

Jet Fuels:
Locally, the terminal offers a network of pipeline connection to all tank terminals on Pr°vestenen. Additionally, Oiltanking customers can supply Jet Fuel to the airport via a pipeline link.

Contango Storage:
Oiltanking Copenhagen provides 388,500 cbm storage in Copenhagen for clients interested in contango business in the Scandinavian and Baltic region.

Pump Rates:
1,000 cbm/h for Fuel Oil and up to 1,000 cbm/h for clean products

Special Services:
Heating, Blending, Injection of additives.


Products handled

  • Gasoil
  • Fuel oil
  • Jet fuel


Storage Capacity

388,500 cbm/2,443,393 bbl
16,500 cbm T207/T208
14,000 cbm T301/T302/T303/T304/T305/T306
10,800 cbm T108/T109/T110/T205
10,000 cbm T51/T52/T53/T57/T58/T401/T402
  9,600 cbm T1/T2
  7,500 cbm T403/T404
  7,000 cbm T54/T56/T201/T202/T203/T204
  6,000 cbm T55
  5,000 cbm T105/T106/T209
  4,800 cbm T3/T4
  4,100 cbm T410
  4,000 cbm T405/T406
  3,200 cbm T6
  1,600 cbm T5/T7
  1,000 cbm T407/T408


Jetty Capacity

Jetty 1  LOA 138 m draft 10 m
Jetty 2  LOA 305 m draft 11.4 m
Jetty 3  LOA 180 m draft 11.4 m



  • Vessel
  • Barge
  • Tank truck
  • Interlinked pipeline system