Oiltanking Ghent N.V.

Moervaartkaai 12
9042 Ghent

Phone:  +32-9-3422-727
Fax:  +32-9-3422-737

Marketing Contact
e-mail: moc.gniknatlio@muigleb.ecremmoc

Oiltanking Ghent, located at Belgium's "Seaport in the heart of Europe" between the Moervaart and the Rodenhuizedok on the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal, offers diverse facilities for the storage and distribution of chemicals, biofuels and petroleum products.

Oiltanking Ghent facilitates distribution to local markets as well as distribution to the European Hinterland. International markets are accessible with Oiltanking's deepwater tanker facilities, rail and pipeline connections. Next to pipeline connections to the neighboring companies, Oiltanking Ghent is also connected to the Central European Pipeline System (CEPS). This gives our customers access to nearly all the major northwest European airports. Oiltanking Ghent is also located amidst the Ghent Bio Energy Valley, one of the largest fully integrated production sites for biofuels in Europe.

The implemented Integrated Quality Management System of the terminal complies with all requirements of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The terminal has dedicated systems and skilled personnel trained in managing your products to the latest safety and environmental standards. Most importantly, our mind-set for flexibility enables Oiltanking Ghent to create tailor-made services for your individual storage and distribution requirements.

Oiltanking is an international terminal company with deepwater terminals in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.


Products handled

  • Clean petroleum products
  • Chemical feedstocks and intermediates
  • Chemicals
  • Biofuels
  • Edible oils
  • Jet fuel


Storage Capacity

55.000 cbm   4 x
47,250 cbm   1 x
45,000 cbm   3 x
35,440 cbm   7 x
18,500 cbm   4x (expansion)
12,700 cbm   4 x
10,000 cbm 12 x
  6,360 cbm   8 x
  4,000 cbm   1 x
  3,000 cbm 15 x
  1,590 cbm   4 x
  1,000 cbm    2 x
     880 cbm   2 x
     800 cbm   3 x
     795 cbm   2 x
     100 cbm   4 x
       60 cbm   4 x
       40 cbm    6 x
       10 cbm   6 x


Jetty Capacity

Jetty OTRS 40.2 ft 12.5 m 60,000 dwt (LOA 265m, beam 34m)
Jetty OTRK 40.2 ft 12.5 m 60,000 dwt (LOA 265m, beam 34m)
Jetty OTM1 18.5 ft  5.65 m   6,000 dwt
Jetty OTM2 18.5 ft 5.65 m   6,000 dwt
Jetty OTMZ 18.5 ft 5.65 m   6,000 dwt
Jetty OTMB 18.5 ft 5.65 m   6,000 dwt



  • Total capacity 1.006.729 cbm (shell capacity)
  • Blending, mixing and homogenizing facilities
  • Most tanks can be used for high or low flash products
  • Around the clock service, 365 days a year
  • Customs and excise bonded storage
  • I.P.E. Delivery Location
  • Automated loading facilities
  • EDI communication



  • Tankers and Barges
  • Tank trucks (top and bottom loading)
  • Railcars
  • Central European Pipeline System (CEPS)


Safety Induction | General (EN)  

Safety Induction, General (EN)

Safety Induction | Contractors (EN)  

Safety Induction, Contractors (EN)

Induction de Sécurité | Général (FR) 

Induction de Sécurité, Général (FR)

Induction de Sécurité | Contractants (FR) 

Induction de Sécurité, Contractants (FR)

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Veiligheidsintroductie, Algemeen (NL)

Veiligheidsintroductie | Contractors (NL) 

Veiligheidsintroductie, Contractors (NL)