Oiltanking Ebytem S.A. - Terminal Brandsen

Ruta Prov. 29 Km 14
Jeppener, Pcia. Bs. As.
B1986AZA Brandsen

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This project was developed to supply 100 percent of the crude-oil needs of the Esso Campana Refinery in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, through a supply system with a starting point in Oiltanking's Puerto Rosales terminal. The crude oil is initially received by pipeline or vessel at the Puerto Rosales Terminal, then stored and mixed into batches and subsequently pumped through the Puerto Rosales-La Plata Pipeline, owned by YPF, to Brandsen. In Brandsen, the crude oil is received in three 20,000 cbm external floating-roof tanks. The crude oil is then pumped through Oiltanking's 22-inch, 166.5-km-long pipeline to the Esso Refinery in Campana.


Products handled

Crude oil


Storage Capacity

60,000 cbm (3 x 20,000 cbm)