Oiltanking Ebytem S.A.

Head office
Martín Lezica 3075
(B1642GJA) San Isidro Buenos Aires

Phone:  +54-11-5230-1100
Fax:  +54-11-5230-1111

Marketing Contact
e-mail: moc.gniknatlio@anitnegra

OILTANKING EBYTEM S.A. – a joint venture company between Oiltanking (70%) and YPF (30%) – was created on December 23, 1992. This was aimed to acquire the loading, unloading and storing facilities of hydrocarbons at the Puerto Rosales Pumping Station and the Maritime Terminal which were been privatised. Currently, approximately 70% of the total crude oil consumed in Argentina passes through this company’s facilities. The average daily throughput is approximately 53 thousand cubic meters per day.


Oiltanking Logística Argentina S.A.

Oiltanking Logística Argentina S.A is a 100% Oiltanking Group’s company which has been created in 2007. This is a firm attempt of Oiltanking to become a leading logistic operator for bulk liquids in Argentina by diversifying its product’s portfolio from crude oil to chemicals, veg-oils, bio-combustibles and others.